Shawn & Tammy Turner

Join us, Children of Abraham Ministries here in Jerusalem as we do our part for the Kingdom. Located in Jerusalem, we are an Apostolic non-profit organization.

The Turners are both graduates of Jackson College of Ministries.


In August of 2005 they along with their family set out for the foreign field. They have labored across the Middle East region for the past thirteen years. 


The Turners have seen in excess of three-thousand  women, men, and children baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost by the evidence of speaking in other tongues. Many of these people have come from countries where we have no hope of ever being able to freely minister. These countries include Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Syria, and even across the Northern Sahara of Africa, stretching from Nigeria to Ethiopia and all points in between. 


The Turners have a unique ability and desire to see the lost seed of Ishmael brought into the wonderful light of this gospel message, and become joint heirs of Abraham with us as believers in Messiah. 


"We want to thank all of the churches of North America and around the globe for your sacrificial support and sewing into the Kingdom of God through your prayers and fasting. We could not do this without you all!"

We are a body fitly framed together making up the whole.

Ephesians 4:16


We are blessed to be part of this God-ordained team seeing His truth spread throughout the world!

Shawn an Tammy Turner, Children of Abraham Ministries in Jeusaem.
Children of Abraham Ministries, Jerusalem