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When you partner with the Global Representatives of the UPCI in a specific field, your monthly financial support enables them to take the whole Gospel to the whole world. Please prayerfully consider clicking on the link above to fill out the form and you will begin to receive a monthly statement in the mail. PIM support is on a monthly basis only at this time. Please specify your desire to support the Shawn E. Turner Family, account #72551.


Thank you for your support!

Have you ever wanted to volunteer for a few months in the Holy Land?

 We are currently accepting applications. If you feel the call and desire to be apart of a groundbreaking team of Apostolics bringing the message back to its birthplace;

The UPCI has a program known as AIM. If you would like to receive more information on this program for Israel, here is a Facebook Group LINK you can access.

Please specify your desire to work with the Shawn E. Turner Family.

Global Partners Form Download
*Please note that all forms must be in 'yellow' due to office requirements. 

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